Web Development
Specialization of Software Engineering (B.Sc.)
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3 years
In Berlin, Germany
180 ECTS
State Accredited
Web development is about designing, building, deploying and maintaining anything on the internet -- which is basically everything being used and built today. Websites, apps, games, cars, and washing machines require web application of some sort these days.
What You Will Learn
In this specialization you learn about how to build a web application. You will go in depth both on the frontend to consider things like the best choices of framework, how people will use your website, or how to write frontend code that scales with a product. You will also deep dive on the backend, learning about API design, architecture choices, working with databases, and deploying everything in a modern way.
Your Study Experience
You’ll do some old-school hands-on things every now and then to help you understand what’s going on under the hood, but you’ll mostly learn how to use state of the art best practices for both moving fast and building well. You will also have the opportunity to go more in depth on specific topics that interest you, for example building mobile apps, lower level network programming using different protocols, or exploring cloud architectures. Web development is hands-on, widely applicable, fun to learn and do, and is a highly in-demand skill for startups and big companies alike.
The History of CODE
Established in 2017, CODE was born out of a glaring disconnect between modern tech education and the evolving needs of students and the industry. Despite digital technologies shaping our world, traditional educational systems lagged. CODE emerged as a solution, an innovative institution where a deep love for digital technologies meets a new educational approach.

At its heart, CODE is about Curiosity-Driven Education (C<>DE). We value curiosity as the primary force for learning. Our teaching method isn’t just theory; it’s hands-on, project-based. Students tackle real-world problems instead of merely attending lectures. Here, learning is about starting with a question and journeying to its solution.

Students at CODE dive into projects, working collaboratively across disciplines. We empower them with the necessary tools, skills, and mindset to challenge norms and make a genuine impact.
The CODE Benefit
CODE is a unique hub in the heart of the thriving Berlin tech scene. Supported by tech entrepreneurs, we offer unparalleled connections to the industry. Our partners bridge the academic-industrial gap, enriching our community with lectures, insights, and research opportunities.

Join CODE if you’re a challenger, builder, or shaper ready to redefine the world of digital education.
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We connect our students with the European innovation ecosystem through collaborative projects and the facilitation of job opportunities.

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