Digital Marketing Management
Specialization of Product Management (B.A.)
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3 years
In Berlin, Germany
180 ECTS
State Accredited
Specializing in Digital Marketing within the Product Management program will provide you with comprehensive insights into creating effective digital campaigns and positioning products in the marketplace.
In-depth knowledge and experience in the development of digital products, their management and marketing, without the need to deep dive on technology.
What You Will Learn
You'll learn hands-on how to develop, execute, track and adapt to deliver optimal value in digital marketing initiatives, allowing you to translate your innovative ideas into impactful strategies. The practical approach of project-based learning gives you real-time feedback on your techniques and tactics, enabling continuous improvement. Learn to position products, launch compelling campaigns, and track & adapt in real-time to ensure success as you become a critical player in the rapidly evolving digital space.
Your Study Experience
You will do Projects incl. marketing campaigns for product launches or running businesses to get ready to lead product / online marketing in the dynamic digital space at companies of any size.
The History of CODE
Established in 2017, CODE was born out of a glaring disconnect between modern tech education and the evolving needs of students and the industry. Despite digital technologies shaping our world, traditional educational systems lagged. CODE emerged as a solution, an innovative institution where a deep love for digital technologies meets a new educational approach.

At its heart, CODE is about Curiosity-Driven Education (C<>DE). We value curiosity as the primary force for learning. Our teaching method isn’t just theory; it’s hands-on, project-based. Students tackle real-world problems instead of merely attending lectures. Here, learning is about starting with a question and journeying to its solution.

Students at CODE dive into projects, working collaboratively across disciplines. We empower them with the necessary tools, skills, and mindset to challenge norms and make a genuine impact.
The CODE Benefit
CODE is a unique hub in the heart of the thriving Berlin tech scene. Supported by tech entrepreneurs, we offer unparalleled connections to the industry. Our partners bridge the academic-industrial gap, enriching our community with lectures, insights, and research opportunities.

Join CODE if you’re a challenger, builder, or shaper ready to redefine the world of digital education.
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Connecting talent with inspiring partners!
We connect our students with the European innovation ecosystem through collaborative projects and the facilitation of job opportunities.

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