Study Programs & Specializations
At CODE University of Applied Sciences, the academic journey is tailored and dynamic, featuring three distinct study programs. Each path at CODE is designed to be as unique as the students who choose them, leading to a highly specialized and individualized bachelor's degree.

Interaction Design B.A.

The Interaction Design B.A. fuses tech with creative design, offering specializations for a personalized educational experience.

Digital Media DesignDigital Product DesignArtificial Intelligence DesignUI / UX DesignIoT Design

Software Engineering B.Sc.

The Software Engineering B.Sc. program dives into coding and systems, with pathways like AI and cybersecurity shaping its curriculum.

Web DevelopmentPhysical ComputingData ScienceSoftware OperationsProduct Engineering

Product Management B.A.

For those inclined towards the business side of technology, the Product Management B.A. hones strategic expertise, tailored by elective modules to fit market and innovation demands.

Digital Marketing ManagementSocial Media ManagementDigital Business LeadershipDigital EntrepreneurshipSustainability InnovationAI Product InnovationDesign Management
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